• Calling all speakers - speaker submissions are open until 23 August!

Indie Zone

The Indie Zone is an area within the Expo showcasing some of the most exciting indie VR/AR projects around.

Submissions were evaluated by a panel of industry professionals and the finalists below all showcased their games or projects in the Indie Zone at the 2016 event.

the-circle-screenshotThe Circle by Manos Agianniotakis
The Circle is a 1st and 3rd Person VR game that utilises the yet unreleased Oculus Touch Controllers. The game is played through the eyes of Alex, a transgender woman recovering from a devastating transphobic attack. Confined to her apartment and suffering from PTSD, Alex becomes obsessed with a conspiracy theory, entering further into surreal fantasy. But when her concerned family begin to intrude, the realities of her mental illness threaten to derail her investigation.  The story blurs the line between reality and fiction, dreaming and living, forcing the player into the shoes of a flawed but relatable main character. It explores themes of gender, identity, disability, obsession and trauma and takes inspiration from the real world phenomenon of the Toynbee Tiles and real life data on transphobic violence. Video

korix-screenshotKorix by StellarVR
Korix is a “PlayStation VR” title that places you somewhere deep in space, fighting for your race’s survival after your home world is destroyed. With nothing left to lose you are put in the role of commander with the sole mission of taking the fight back to the enemy, showing them that you will not go down without a fight!  Built from the ground up for VR, Korix is retro styled real-time strategy crossed with tower defence elements to provide old-school gameplay reminiscent of RTS’s from the late 90’s. The game is played out in miniature right in front of the player and features a 3-5hr campaign, skirmish modes and online multiplayer (2-4 players co-op or vs).  Running at a native 90fps, Korix is a silky-smooth experience and by using tracked controllers players can reach into the environment and take full control. Or as we discovered with initial multiplayer testing, start chasing each-other around and trying to put each other off! Video 

tinhearts-moodshot-002Tin Hearts by Rogue Sun
In Tin Hearts you play the spirit of a renowned yet reclusive toy maker, as he investigates the circumstances that led to his apparent death.   You do this by helping your magical toy soldiers navigate the rooms of your eccentric mansion – workshop and gather clues.  Tin Hearts is Lemmings meets Pixar with a Tim Burton-esque aesthetic.

ctrl1-screenshotCtrl  by Breaking Fourth
A first in the VR arena, Ctrl is a compelling drama which follows the story of a young gamer embroiled in a e-sports competition in the midst of a war at home.   “It’s a story about power, escalation, silent suffering and, as the name suggests, control. It explores these themes with uncompromising conviction, making full use of VR to lose you in an experience you won’t soon forget” ­ Upload VR. Video

pierhead-arcade-screenshotPierhead Arcade by Mechabit
VR classic arcade simulator by Liverpooo based, 3-person indie studio. You have inherited an old pierhead arcade and you have the run of the place. You can play any game in the arcade as many times as you want by yourself or invite friends into your arcade and play together.

  • Upload scores from each machine to compete on global leaderboards.
  • Teleport to any machine in view, no motion sickness.
  • All games use intuitive 1:1 hand motion to play. Throw a ball by throwing it!
  • Online and LAN multiplayer
  • Redeem toys at the gift shop using tickets you’ve won.
  • Listen to your favorite tunes on the built-in internet radio player.
  • Play classic coin-operated games such as:
  • Rocket Ball
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Comet Drop
  • Arctic Shuffle
  • Super Punch
  • Binary Dash
  • Honey Rush
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Scarab Toss
  • Dino Whack
  • Cannonball Bounce
  • Rapid Fire
  • Claw Machine


windlandsWindlands by Psytec Games
A first person grappling hook exploration game. Soar through the ruins of a fallen world and discover the secrets of the ancients. Designed with full Virtual Reality support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, also works great in Non VR. Video

paperlander-screenshotPaperLander VR by ThisWayUp Games

PaperLander is the “grandson” of Lunar Lander born in Little Big Planet. PaperLander is a fragile rocket made out of – you guessed it – paper. He lives in PaperGalaxy, a fantasy low gravitational world far far away, made mostly out of paper too. But now the Galaxy is in danger. A Space Storm is approaching and threatens to tear it apart. Only one thing can stop the Storm: The Great Anti-Storm Ion Cannon! But it works only with Proto-Stars. And Proto-Stars are scattered in the Galaxy, across its many Sectors. These Sectors are connected by a network of teleporters that activate upon landing.           PaperLander’s mission is to find and collect those Stars, pass through the Sectors using the teleporters and bring them to the Anti-Storm Ion Cannon in time to save the Galaxy! Video 

candy-kingdom-screenshotCandy Kingdom by GameplaystudioVR
Candy Kingdom started as a smaller project into Kids VR playground. After great feedback, we decided to create a standalone version of this. We’ve added several nice features in to the game that everybody can enjoy. The game features 18 levels, each with its own difficulty setting and bonus level to upgrade the weapon. It also has an online leaderboard to see your score with other players. Video